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Best Cydia Sources for Cydia App

Cydia is the app store which you can use after jailbroken your iPhone and iPad. Because the official apple store does not provide many more tweaks and paid apps for free, they offer only lite application which you need to pay for them and install to your iOS device. Therefore iOS users are forcing to jailbreak their iOS devices because Cydia provides many more apps and games which apple store does not.Newly jailbroken devices always need best Cydia sources to get tweaks and apps to their iOS devices. Therefore we need to find the right Cydia repo to our iPhone and iPad. We have discovered that many of Cydia tools and what repo are provided best apps, games, and tweaks. Today we will bring the best Cydia sources to your iOS device; Lets see what are those.

Bigboss repository

Once you have jailbroken iOS device, Cydia app comes with big boss repo. Its a default Cydia repo and it also provide many kinds of apps and tweaks

ModMyi repository

ModMyi repo very famous among iOS users for getting themes, ringtone, wallpapers and all kinds of tweaks. Therefore you can use these sources if you want to customize your iOS device.

HackYouriPhone repository

HackYouriPhone repo provides many categories of paid apps for free to your device, If you are looking for paid apps for free. This the right choice for your iOS device.

Source URL:

BiteYourApple repository

BiteYourApple repo another best repo to get Themes, wallpapers, and tweaks for ios device. If you are love to customize your device, you can try this repo

Source URL:

FilippoBiga repository

FilippoBiga repo also best to customize your iOS device. It has many more packages available to customize your iOS device. Such as change your lock screen, folders, carrier icon, and many more.

Source URL:


iPhoneCake another best Cydia source which provides many more apps and games to your iOS device.

Source URL:

I hope above Cydia repo helps you to get may more apps, games, tweaks and paid apps for free to your iOS device than apple appstore apps.. If you have any other Cydia download repo which provides many more apps, don't forget to share with us.